Poetry Book Release: Detaching Roots by Beverly Maier

Hello all,

I just re-released my Debut poetry collection, Detaching Roots: Poetry and Prose.


Here are a few reviews that perfectly describe this collection:

“… I love this author’s writing style and how her words vary from a delicate touch when needed but can quickly change to a throat punch you will never see coming.
Every poem is embedded with emotions that travel line to line and the book itself flows in a unique and satisfying river of a read.
I caught myself gasping out loud at a few -as I identified with every word.
And that’s how I knew that we are going to be hearing a lot more from this author in the future. She is that good.

– Alfa Holden, Author of I Find You In The Darkness and Abandoned Breaths

“If I were to describe Detaching Roots in one word, I would say it’s haunting. The way Beverly Maier tells her truth, her story of survival through a childhood of confusion, sexual abuse and neglect is devastatingly heartbreaking.

In order to read this collection, I had to take multiple breaks to 1) decompress from the subject matter (because it hits you that hard) and 2) to fully analyze and appreciate the hard work and soul that Maier pours out between these pages.

Without a doubt, this collection is beautiful.

Maier masterfully crafts her poetry with a blunt voice that aids in her imagery. She’s raw with reality without being bitter. There’s fight in her words without overwhelming the reader with anger. It’s as if she’s perfectly in the middle. I don’t know how she could conquer the topics she does in such a just and smooth voice, but she does and it works very much to her advantage.

In many ways, Detaching Roots reminds me of Perennial by Kelly Forsythe. Both collections tackle a loss of girlhood, where the poet is stranded on the other side of innocence, both longing to go home and determined to move forward.

Nothing I can say will truly capture how heartbreaking each piece is, so I urge you to just read them for yourself.

Detaching Roots is a collection for the ages. Maier gives voice to all the children like her, who are so easily over looked and forgotten. It’s time we listen to what they have to say.”

– Amazon Customer

This book has opened up a lot of pain I thought I had handled, when in reality I had just tucked it away in a corner of my mind, shut the door and locked it up. Beverly not only exposed a side of humanity that is extremely rare, she helps her readers dive into their own emotions. I have not been able to pick up a book and not put it down in over 10 years. I read her work of art, pain and truth in a matter of an hour – and I was craving more like a fiend for emotion and raw truth. Beverly has inspired me to open up the painful door and explore myself, mind and pain. For years I’ve been told it’s obnoxious to feel or annoy, but for once in my 27 years on this earth, I feel like it’s OKAY to feel and to express it and if people don’t like it, to look the other way.

This collection of poetry came to me at a time when I needed it most. Knowing I am not the only one who chooses to voice her pain through writing and expression fuels a fire in my soul that I thought I had extenguished forever. Thank you for writing and please, don’t ever stop!

– Amanda, Amazon Customer

From the back of the book:

“Survivors of heartache will relate to Beverly Maier’s empowering poetic collection, Detaching Roots. I predict that the nightstands of broken-hearted warriors, everywhere, will hold a well worn copy.”

– Alfa Holden, Author of I Find You In The Darkness

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